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Dermer Behrendt is the outgrowth of two accomplished attorneys desiring to do more for real clients than traditional lawyers and law firms can or will. Jeff and Kevin saw a better way and made it happen and are now making it happen for California's entrepreneurs.

Jeff's experience as a trial lawyer, business consultant, and manager combined with his background in business and accounting provides a unique perspective. Jeff views the law as one of many potential strategic vehicles to advance organizational goals in addition to its role in creating certainty of rights and risks. In his experience, lawyers and law firms regardless of size, view the lawyers' role as focused purely on legalities and winning cases instead of how to advance a firm's strategic economic goals and interests.

Kevin was a litigator with the largest firm in the world. He has worked with the biggest clients on the most complex cases. Kevin desired the ability to assist real people with real problems. Kevin enjoys helping dreamers and planners achieve and win their dreams and objectives instead of reducing transactions costs or achieving cost effective settlements.

Dermer Behrendt is a law firm that marries both approaches. We take a holistic approach to protecting rights, planning for growth, and solving and resolving disputes for entrepreneurs. Intelligent, ex-ante planning is fostered. When necessary, aggressive litigation. Other times, lawyers must cut through the junkyard-dog bluster and forge a deal that provides a much better return to capital than net present value negative litigation.

This perspective has resonated with the Los Angeles entrepreneurial community. Most of our clients choose us after trying larger firms and remain with us. Others are startups that we have nurtured into viable going-concerns. Our clients regularly remark how, for the first time, their counsel understands what they are seeking to achieve, and they appreciate how quickly and completely their firms and business models are understood.

Ultimately, Dermer Behrendt understands the entrepreneur because we are entrepreneurs.

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