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How We Help You

We Protect and Advance Strategies and Economic Rights

We help entrepreneurs prepare for and manage growth.

We represent entrepreneurs. That means providing sage strategic advice as well as aggressively pursuing your rights in court.

As business lawyers, we start from the premise that a law firm must understand the industry, positioning, and business model of its client. We have backgrounds in economics, business, and accounting, in additional to law. We can help our clients plan for intelligent growth through managing risks, protecting rights, and aligning interests of stakeholders and strategic partners.

Entrepreneurs are regularly faced with leveraging outside skills and capital through strategic partnerships to compete with large companies. Identification, facilitation, negotiation, and management of these critical strategic partners is our specialty. Understanding and aligning interests is paramount and this is where we separate ourselves from the rest.

We are trial lawyers.

Entrepreneurs are regularly involved in economic disputes. Entrepreneurs who know that they can successfully navigate the legal process have a distinct advantage. That advantage is us.

We are trial lawyers. We are prepared, ready, and comfortable before judges, juries, arbitrators and regulatory bodies. We know what cases can and should go forward and which shouldn't. Litigation is game theory and a party cannot win if it is afraid of the process.

Particular areas of expertise:

  • Breach of Contract
  • Business Torts (breach of fiduciary duty, interference with contract)
  • Economic Civil-Rights
  • Ownership Disputes and Business Divorce
  • Government Contracting and Public Law
  • Unfair Competition

Entrepreneurs Representing Entrepreneurs